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Taking to a Lawyer when Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong – What are your Legal Rights

Put simply, if you think that any cosmetic procedure or treatment you have received was in any way negligent or falls short of your expectations, then you should seek legal advice. Almost all legal firms who specialise in these cases will offer you a no win no fee service and you will not be charged if you contact them for advice.

So have you been a victim of cosmetic surgery negligence? It is very important that you understand your legal rights, so you know the steps to take when things do go wrong.

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular over the last decade. More clinics have increased their offering to cover a huge range of different procedures, that would traditionally be have only been performed by a cosmetic surgeon.

The majority of practitioners have undertaken training to ensure that they perform the procedures safely, but in some instances this may not have been the case! Sadly, some cosmetic procedures are carried out by inexperienced staff, and end up in significant injury and or complications.

So if you’ve been a victim of cosmetic surgery negligence, it is very important that you understand your legal rights. Here’s some advice…

Before Your Cosmetic Surgery.

People tend to go with a recommended name they choose their surgeons. You will need to check that the surgeon you find is registered with the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, otherwise known as BAAPS. Though you cannot guarantee that the procedure will go to plan, BAAPS was established in order to encourage education and regulate safety within cosmetic surgery. So if your surgeon is listed, they are likely to have significant experience in performing procedures and maintaining patient safety.

Manage Your Expectations

Before going under the knife, you should make sure that you have realistic expectations about the outcomes. Even if the most experienced plastic surgeon was to perform the procedure, you could still be dissatisfied with the aesthetic results, and being dissatisfied with the amount of fat removed, wouldn’t necessarily leave you with grounds to claim for Liposuction Compensation.

What Happens if I am Dissatisfied with my Cosmetic Surgery?

The first thing you should do is contact your cosmetic surgeon. This could be done either by getting in touch with them directly, or via the clinic that initially referred you.

Where possible you should keep a photo diary of its development. If there is dissatisfaction with the outcome, but no real damage has been caused, then there is a chance that your clinic may offer you a corrective procedure.

What if it’s more serious?

If your grievance is more serious, you will need to follow a complaints process that the clinic has in place, including contacting the healthcare commission. This supervisory body has the ability to act upon a clinic or hospital if they feel they have acted negligently concerning a patient, or have failed to reach their standards of practice.

Making a complaint not only gives the surgeon, the chance to admit wrong doing, but it can also help stop the same occurrence to anyone else.

If your complaint about cosmetic surgery involves the surgeon causing you harm, or otherwise avoidable complications, you could well be eligible for cosmetic surgery compensation. This money you receive could go towards a corrective surgery!

If you believe that you have suffered as a result of cosmetic surgery errors, contact a cosmetic surgery solicitor about your options, and how you may be eligible for cosmetic surgery compensation!


The accidents are the most undesirable incident that can happen to anyone. No matter how much the person hates to get involved in such cases, they have to face it at least once in their lifetime either directly or indirectly. Sometimes, you get involved in the case of accident when you survive one and on the other hand, when one of your family members or friends goes through it. It is because most of the accidents leave the victims with the traumatizing experiences and the devastating injuries. In such situations, it becomes crucial to take the legal help from anexperienced car accident lawyer Tacoma.


Moreover, it has been seen that the cases if the accidents get worse and it happen because either the victim or the family does not want to concern an experienced car accident attorney. If the member if your family or anyone whom you know, has just experienced an automobile accident and is badly hurt in it, do not feel hesitated to  speak with an experienced accident lawyer Tacoma otherwise, you will also have to face the consequences similar to the other people.

Benefits of speaking to an experienced car accident attorney

When you discuss your problem with an experienced car accident attorney, you will be able to avail a number of benefits and you will also be able to save yourself from many other problems. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • You will get the legal perspective regarding the automobile accident.
  • You will get too know the consequences that flow from an automobile accident.
  • You will get the chance to discuss potential legal options for the victims and for the relatives as well.
  • Moreover, if it was not your mistake, you can talk to the attorney on how to ask the other party to overcome your losses.

Reasons behind the car accidents

Whenever there is an accident, there is always a reason or a cause behind it. The causes may vary from the person to person and from the place to place but there are some major and general causes that can be seen and observed in almost all the states. Below are some of the major causes behind most of the car accidents:

  • Distraction while driving: It is one of the major causes that lead to the accidents. This is the reason that we find a number of different bill boards and signs along the roads and different public service messages regarding not to attend calls while driving. The other distraction may involve eating while driving, reading emails, and other similar factors.
  • Driving after drinking: Drinking or taking any other drug makes you lose your senses. Hence, it is prohibited in almost all the states to drive after drinking. Moreover, if you drive after drinking, you are not only taking risk for your own life and vehicle, you are also putting the lives of the other people in great danger.
  • Maintaining no distance: Sometime, the people are in so hurry that they forget to maintain a proper distance between their car and the vehicle in the front. So, when the front car driver slams the sudden beak, due to any reason, they fail to respond immediately and end up smashing their car in the front car.

Contact the experienced automobile accident attorney

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