5 Lawyer Tips for Prepping for a Big Case

Sometimes one may find himself or herself in a big lawsuit.Regardless of whether the person is a plaintiff or a defendant, it is necessary to be well prepared in order to get the best legal presentation. Getting the right legal representation can prove to be a daunting task especially in terms of professionalism and experience. Therefore it is advisable that one hires a lawyer judiciously so as to win a big lawsuit. To get the best legal representation, there are tips that one should keep in mind. Below are five tips on how to prepare for a big case:

1. It is advisable hire a lawyer that is well known to potential client. This is necessary so that the individual can be sure his or her lawyer cannot be compromised. Basically it is a way of building self confidence during the lawsuit. The lawyer should also be in a position to represent the client very strongly during the court proceedings.

2. There are specific law firms that handle specific cases. The firms have highly qualified, well reputed and experienced attorneys. By contacting the lawyers, the client is able to get a lawyer that could t win the case based on the experience and expertise he or she has in similar cases.

3. It is also important to evaluate the effectiveness of the lawyer that is hired. This can build confidence and it is also a way of ensuring that the case is won. Evaluation can be done by the use of an internet. The client is advised to compare the clients’ reviews in the websites to know the lawyers performance and also compare the cost of the legal fee charged by various law firms.

4. It is advisable to go through the cases that the lawyer one is choosing has handled in the past and also authenticate the certification of the lawyer so as to ensure that the lawyer is not disqualified during the court procedure. One should consider hiring a lawyer that has published various books on similar cases since they have enough knowledge on the cases due to the extensive research that they tend to conduct.

5. Finally one should, choose a lawyer that is dedicated to offer the legal service that is within his or her area of specialization. This increases the chance of winning the case that might prove to be very complicated if he or she has no adequate knowledge in it.

In summary, it is important to bear the above tips in mind so as to succeed in a big case. Failure to do so can be very costly to the client in terms of wasted legal fee and loss of the lawsuit.

Find a Good Employment Attorney

Employment AttorneyEmployment law covers all aspects of the legal duties and responsibilities shared by both the employer and employee. Some of the most common employment issues that result in litigation involve unpaid overtime wages, withheld wages and benefits, unsafe working conditions, wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination, disability pay, and work visa permits. Apart from filing the complaint or claim, it is equally important to hire an attorney who understands your case completely and deals with it seriously.

How to Search for Employment Lawyers

Contact Your State Bar Association for a Referral

A sure-shot way is to visit the online American Bar Association Lawyer Referral Directory, wherein you will be able to find attorneys from your State, and who are specialists in the field of employment matters. The second thing you can do is to search for State Bar Association Referral Directories and streamline your work. For example, Utah residents simply have to access the ‘Utah State Bar Lawyer Referral Directory’, select the area of legal service they seek, select the language they prefer, and the years of active practice they prefer their lawyer to have gained. The search results reveal a detailed list of lawyers living in Utah, along with the names, email, and contact information, among others. Some referral sites do not charge money for giving referrals; however, you may be charged USD 30 once you have contacted one of the lawyers referred. However, the lawyer you meet may charge a fee for his time and service for the half-an-hour consultation. Therefore, make sure you find out the initial consultation fee so as to assess whether you’re willing to bear the additional expense or not.

Search for Referred Lawyers

Once you have spoken to the free referral service providers and jotted down the names of the employment attorneys to contact, you can search for their credentials over the Internet. You may come across their law firm’s website, which can be an informative resource for you to evaluate the attorney, his areas of legal practice, years of experience, rate of success, and rating given by clients and other websites. Based on your needs and the research done by you, go in for an attorney who you believe will be able to give you time and invest all efforts into your case. You can do the same for attorneys who have been referred to you by colleagues, friends, and family members. That being said, make it a point to visit other employment attorneys in your area, who have successfully managed the cases of people you know.

General Online Attorney Search

You can also conduct a generalized search engine search. Streamline the results you get by specifying the State and city in which you reside. You may also check membership directories for employment attorneys who reside in your State and handle individual cases. The results you may be given will include several websites owned by law firms and individual lawyers. Read through some of their blogs and the information mentioned on their website. Make sure that you try to focus on attorneys who are experts in Employment Law and have formidable years of experience. Thereafter, shortlist some attorneys, and call their office to fix an appointment.

Factors to Consider While Meeting a Lawyer

Is there a Conflict of Interest?

Some employment lawyers represent only employers and will not meet with aggrieved employees. On the other hand, some attorneys handle only employee grievances. Therefore, before fixing an appointment, make sure you specify the type of employment lawyer you wish to meet while speaking to the referral service providers, during your online search, as well as while contacting law firms. In case the lawyer you meet handles all types of employment cases, inquire whether he is associated with your opponent’s/adversary party in any way.

The Traits to Look for in Your Lawyer

-During the consultation, you will need to observe the lawyer very carefully. A good lawyer is also a good listener and will always be attentive towards his client.
-Do not choose the lawyer if you find it very hard to communicate with him. Go in for a lawyer who can listen to your side of the story and give you sound advice.
-He must also be able to tell you whether your case has any merit in the court of law and whether it has any scope of success. He must do so in a simplistic manner so that you are able to understand the complexities involved in your case.
-Ensure that you observe the behavior of his staff, because the lawyer may delegate your case to them and thus, they will be doing most of the research and paperwork for your case.
-Select a lawyer who wins your confidence and has several years of experience in the field of employment law.
-He must also be well-informed about the recent trends and changes in the field of law and your job market that may affect the outcome of your case.

Sort Out Finances

You will need to inquire about how the lawyer charges for his/her services. Most of them charge by the hour, while some may ask for refundable/non-refundable retainer fee. On the other hand, some attorneys may charge a contingency fee, wherein you will be required to pay an agreed percentage of your claim to the lawyer in case you win. In order to avoid confusion, financial loss, and misunderstanding, demand that you be given a lawyer’s retainer agreement that specifies the expenses you will be expected to bear. Find out if the law firm will bear the costs at the outset and require you to pay after the case is decided, or you will need to pay at every step of the litigation.

Keeping your finances in mind, determine whether you will be able to manage these additional expenses or not.

Good Divorce Lawyer Tips

With the costs of alimony, child support and legal fees, divorce is a very expensive ordeal. Finding a good divorce lawyer is probably the best thing you can do in this whole process, as this will save you the most money in the long run. Remember a divorce is something that may haunt you financially the rest of your life and at least as long as you children turn 18, so the best advice is to find the best lawyer you can. Here are some tips on finding the lawyer that you need.

One good way to judge a lawyer is to choose one the way you choose a doctor if you had a serious illness. This means that you not only need to do research on your own, but you also need to talk to others who have been divorced and interview several before making a final decision. Think of the “big picture” in terms of what you are looking for in a divorce rather than what is your current situation. Many more expensive lawyers will work with you financially and give you many payment options, if you can show decent credit and a steady income.

Here are some tips when looking for a good divorce lawyer

Look for an attorney who specializes in divorce: Make sure your lawyer has several years of experience in divorce law and make sure they usually deal with your gender. Remember when it comes to divorce the laws favor women slightly and it is necessary to get a lawyer that has experience working with a specific gender in general. Make sure to ask this during the interview process.

Attorneys that can settle: The most money saved in a divorce case is when both parties can agree on an issue. While many divorces are bitter and involve fighting, continued court costs only cost more money for both parties. More experienced lawyers have a large caseload of clients, thus making them more inclined to look for a settlement. Remember a lawyer with a good reputation and lots of experience is looking more for good references and more clients rather than trying to pinch every penny they can out of a client.

Personality: While lawyers often get a bad reputation for being corrupt, most lawyers are good people. If you are good at reading people it is often best to request a face to face meeting with your potential lawyer. Look at body language, interest level and personality when you meet with this potential lawyer and this will often give you a good feel if they fit your needs.

These are just a few of the guidelines that you should use when looking for a good divorce lawyer. Remember this might be the biggest financial decision you will ever make, so make sure to do your research before choosing blindly.

Tips For Hiring an Attorney to Handle Your Divorce

Hiring a divorce lawyer is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks anyone can face. Although the decision to file divorce can be painful, lack of appropriate legal counsel can create further discord and leave divorcees in dire straits. Taking time to locate the appropriate attorney to handle divorce can reduce stress and help both parties reach an amicable agreement.

Most people spend a considerable amount of time with their divorce lawyer. Therefore, it is crucial to find an attorney you connect with and who offers services best suited toward your needs. There are numerous lawyers who specialize in divorce and family law. It is important to choose someone who possesses experience in your type of divorce.

There are two types of divorce – contested and uncontested. If both parties agree and are able to divide assets without entering into all-out war, the divorce is considered uncontested. If one of the parties does not want the divorce or the couple is unable to reach a settlement agreement, the divorce is considered contested.

Knowing whether your divorce will be contested or uncontested can help you locate an appropriate lawyer. Couples with children should hire attorneys well-versed in family law. Couples who have financial or real estate holdings will want to work with divorce lawyers possessing a background in finances and investments. If there are no children involved and no financial assets, a less expensive divorce lawyer may be sufficient.

Start by developing a list of potential candidates. Ask friends, family, neighbors or co-workers for referrals. Considering nearly half of all marriages fail, chances are you know someone who has worked with a divorce lawyer. If you aren’t comfortable asking for referrals, browse your local telephone directory. Divorce lawyers can also be located through the American Bar Association at http://www.abanet.org.

Contact each attorney on your list and ask questions about the lawyers’ experience, retainer and fees. If you feel the attorney might be suited for your situation, arrange a meeting. Most law firms offer free consultations to review your case. Interview a minimum of three divorce lawyers before making a final decision.

Prior to hiring a divorce lawyer, request a meeting with the staff members who will work on your case. For most people, divorce is a stressful and emotional time. It is important to work with people who suit your personality and can provide guidance during this difficult time.

Divorce lawyers may charge a flat fee or hourly rate. More often than not, an hourly fee is charged. On average, rates range from $150 to $375 per hour. Unless you have an overflowing bank account, you will want to work with a lawyer who is proficient with their time.

In reality, there is no such thing as an easy divorce. Even if both parties are in total agreement, divorce is an emotional and life-altering event. However, if divorce is particularly messy, it is crucial to locate a lawyer who will fight for your rights and protect your interests.

Last, but not least, be certain your chosen divorce lawyer is in good standing with the American Bar Association. The ABA website provides a directory of lawyer disciplinary agencies for each of the 50 states.

Criminal Lawyer Tips Anyone Can Use To Their Benefit

Criminal LawyerWhen you get into some legal trouble the one person that you will need to count on is a criminal lawyer. You want to find someone to represent that has experience, and the ability to help you out. The biggest problem is finding the right person for the job these days. There are many different things that must be thought about when hiring one to represent you. Here are some of the most important things that you will want to look for in this professional.

Talk to your friends, business acquaintances and co-workers to see if they can refer someone that they have used before. This will help you build a list of possible choices that you can consider. In almost every city there will be many choices, so you will need a list to narrow down people that can do the job for you.

Experience is something that should be high on your list of credentials. Most people do not realize when you talk about criminal cases you want someone with plenty of experience to be in your corner. It will put you more at ease as you have someone who has been through it before. Do not underestimate how valuable experience when hiring this professional.

Costs should also be high on your list of priorities to check into when hiring someone. When you hire this professional the amount of fees can vary depending on the situation. As the severity of the crime increases usually the costs will as well. Many will also ask for a retainer upfront before they will do anything for you on your case. Fees will vary, so make sure you shop around for the best deal.

Make sure they belong to a variety of different associations such as the American Bar Association and others. This tells you that they are serious about their craft and do the best job possible. Most criminal lawyers will belong to several of them, and you want the person you hire to at least belong to a few of them.

Do not be afraid to look online for candidates as well. The Internet has changed the way we do many different things and that includes finding lawyers. There are many online directories that you will want to search for possible people to represent you. The one thing you must do is not limit your choices and the Internet opens many possibilities to you.

Sit down and talk with every candidate as you will want to know how they will handle your case. Ask plenty of questions of your criminal lawyer, as this will help you better decide which one is best for you. Do not be afraid to feel each professional out, as you will need to get along with whoever you hire.

There are many different things that must be considered when hiring a criminal lawyer. Each one will have an impact on who you may hire. Above are some of the important things that should be looked at very carefully. If you do you should have no problems finding a great person to represent your case.

6 Tips for Finding the Right Family Law Attorney

The term ‘family law’ relates to all legal issues involving a family. This includes marriage, domestic violence, divorce, adoption and child custody and support. Going through a family problem plays with your emotions; and you need someone who will be able to give you the right guidance and help throughout the proceedings.

And this person you can turn to for help in such situations is an attorney of family law. When you choose a lawyer, ensure they are someone you can trust and are comfortable with enough to discuss your personal and private matters. The right, experienced law firm will help you resolve all your marital and family cases as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible expense.

Here are some tips to ensure you choose the right lawyer to represent you in your case.

1. Choose a lawyer with extensive experience and knowledge in family law.
2. As different states have slight variations in their laws, choose a lawyer well versed in your state laws. To investigate this, consult your state and county Bar Associations.
3. Do not forget to discuss and finalize fees before you hire your family law attorney. As it is, filing for a divorce can expensive. If you are not aware of the necessary legal fees, you may end up in a financial problem after the case.
4. Most lawyers specialize in a chosen field of law. Make certain to hire an attorney who has maximum experience fighting family law cases.
5. As there are various family law attorneys out there, narrow down your search to three lawyers, and make your choice between them by holding consultations with them. Be ready to pay for your consultation, although many lawyers offer initial visits at no charge. Incurring this expense will allow you to make a properly informed decision.
6. Be frank and forthright during your consultation. Your attorney will decide whether or not to take the case based on the information you provide. Complete honesty with your attorney will provide them with the tools to press your case.

3 Tips For Finding A Great Women’s Family Law Attorney

Divorce cases are extremely stressful and emotionally draining. Without the proper representation women can quickly find themselves in a nightmarish situation. A majority of this stress can be alleviated by choosing the right women’s family law attorney. Due to the nature of divorce cases a bad choice can leave a woman feeling intimidated with an unfair financial burden not to mention cost her additional money when she seeks new representation because her previous choice let her down. To help wives and mothers avoid this tough situation I have put together some helpful tips for finding a great women’s family law attorney.

1. Do not just surf the web or comb a phone book for a divorce lawyer. As a women’s family law attorney myself the biggest mistake I see ladies make is blindly selecting an attorney just because they say they are experienced. Do some research and determine what it is they are experienced in, and what their track record is with cases similar to yours. Men and Women’s perspectives and rights vary greatly in this difficult cases, for that matter you as a wife or mother you should work with a women’s family law attorney who is knowledgeable of women’s rights!

2. Speak with several lawyers before making a final decision. Most attorneys offer free initial consultations so take the opportunity to ask them questions and explain your goals to see who you feel the most comfortable with. If you are seeking a credible women’s family law attorney you should ask them about their experience and most importantly success with women in family law cases. This can make or break your legal proceedings.

3. Understand which payment method each attorney prefers and how they structure their fees. A lawyer will typically charge in one of two ways. A flat fee which you pay an attorney by the hour or they may charge a retainer and deduct their legal fees from as the dedicate time to your case. These fees can vary greatly depending on the attorney. Therefore when selecting your women’s family law attorney make sure you can afford their fees and payment structure.

5 Important Divorce Tips For Women

If youe marriage is over and you are considering divorce you need to follow these tips:

1) Get legal advice from a good family law attorney as soon as possible. Although you may not yet be 100% sure your relationship is over, you need to know what your rights and entitlements are likely to be. Knowledge of your legal position will also help you to avoid making mistakes which may cost you financially later in the proceedings. A good example would be whether moving out of the family home will reduce your entitlement to a share in its value.

2) You need to get on top of your financial situation. This means going through all of your finances and producing, as detailed as possible, an asset and liability statement and a budget. You should ask your tax attorney to ensure that all of your returns are up to date and filed. You do not want any last minute surprises when you are on the steps of the divorce court.

3) Once you are divorced, you will need new insurance policies not only personal and professional but also motor, home and public liability cover if applicable. It pays to get quotations for these costs now as they may form part of the settlement.

4) You need to check the legal position in the event of death. In some jurisdictions it is only marriage and not divorce that invalidates a Will. You should write a new Will but you may have to wait to sign it until the divorce is final in order for it to become legally binding.

5) If you have children, you need to think about what type of custody is best for them. Unless your partner has been violent or abusive to you or the children, your kids deserve access to their father. Whatever caused the issues in the marriage are not your children’s responsibility and they shouldn’t pay the price.
You may laugh when I suggest this but you need to be sure that a divorce is the right answer for you. Divorce is never easy and not always the best solution although often it is. If you have been together for a long time or have children, you may want to consider counseling before making such a final decision.

I am not suggesting that you do not prepare yourself using the divorce tips for women outlined above. But before you instigate proceedings be 100% sure you are making the right decision. Once the word divorce has been mentioned, it is difficult to step back into making the marriage work.

Seven Family Law Tips to Help You Win Custody Issues

Family Law TipsWith a divorce rate in the U.S. of approximately 50 percent, there are many reasons why couples end up embroiled in family law battles. Custody issues generally top the list of concerns, as parents want to know who their children will primarily reside with and how substantial decisions will be made regarding the continued upbringing of the children. Here are seven family law tips to help you win difficult custody issues.

1. Be the First to Take Action

If you are the father, the worst thing you can do is wait until the mother of your children takes you to court. Make sure to file first, and it will show that you are sincerely interested in being the primary person in your children’s lives and are committed to taking action. If you are the mother, the same reasons apply. You want to show the family law judge how motivated you are to have primary custody by being the first to file a custody action.

2. Avoid Conflict

During divorce proceedings, emotions are usually volatile. Do your best to take the higher road, remain calm, and try not to argue with the other parent. Conflict will only make matters worse and will show the judge that there’s a problem with your emotional control.

3. Utilize the Police

If conflict happens and the other parent argues with you, walk out immediately and telephone the police. This will ensure that there is a record of the argument and will stop the disagreement from escalating. It’s important to remember not to argue back as that will be recorded in a police report and may be used against you at a later time in court.

4. Be Proactive With Child Support

Even if child support has not yet been ordered, if the other parent spends substantial time with the children, it’s a good idea to give at least some amount to that parent every month. Make sure to give the child support in the form of a check or money order and do not give cash.

5. Keep Records of Everything

Keep a written record of every time you see your kids and when you don’t see your kids. If you have a custody arrangement in place, make sure to record every instance where the other parent is in breach of that agreement. Record items like late pickup, missed attendance at a parent-teacher conference, and when payments to things like tutors don’t get made.

6. Be Consistent With All Your Visits

Always keep your word and make your visits on your agreed upon day. In the event that you’re unable to make a visit, call the other parent and explain. The family law judge will look poorly on not making scheduled visits.

7. Go to All Your Court Dates

Attending all court dates is extremely important. If you don’t show up for a court date, a warrant could be issued for your arrest.

If the parties cannot agree on a resolution to custody issues, the judge will make this extremely important determination using the evidence presented in court. Following these straightforward tips should help you build a case in your favor.

5 Little Known Legal and Management Tips for Businesses in the US

Like many entrepreneurs before your time, you are embarking on the challenging — yet rewarding — venture to open your very first business in the United States. You have planned everything. You are very eager to push your dream into reality, but before you do so, here are a few more legal tips you may consider handy to guarantee a successful financial venture in the United States.

Distinguish Your Personal Funds from Your Business Funds – One of the most common mistakes of many businesspersons is the mingling of their personal and business funds. Initially, it may look less of a trouble, but studies reveal that this move has been the major cause of a company’s bankruptcy.

Business legal advice recommends business owners to keep personal assets secure and far from being at risk due to corporate actions. Take advantage of the checking system to monitor your cash flow. Never use your business account to pay for personal expenses. Open a separate bank account for your business and avoid spending your business funds for personal expenses. Secure a Federal Tax Identification Number for you business and file the necessary paperwork to cement the structure of your company.

Trademark Protection – Protect your trademark from intellectual property abuse. Register the trademark of the company and feel free to use it in your correspondences and advertising materials. Do not end up realizing too late that another has filed an earlier claim for the rights of a trademark you have been circulating for the past months. It would bring much trouble in your finances because of the legalities that have to be resolved in court. Hire the services of a lawyer trained to register business entities and be a legitimate business in the US.

Be Up-to-Date with Legal Laws in Your City, County and State – Employment law constantly changes. It would help if you have a legal entity assisting you with the contract draft of your employees. Guarantee that all the required benefits of your employees are provided to avoid any grounds of possible employee-employer disputes. This is one of the rarely regarded legal tips in business. However, it has also become one of the downfalls of even experienced companies in the past. See to it that you seek legal advice for most of the business action you wish to fulfill to avoid legal conflicts.
Watchful Eye on the Cash Flow – The life of your business greatly relies on a smooth cash flow. This could only be achieved if all the terms of your trade are clearly stated in the terms and condition. Always give a contract draft to your partner or customer before closing a deal. Let them read it and ensure they understand the agreement. This minute initiative will help save you in court. Establish excellent professionalism both verbally and in print. Treat this as an asset that your customers and clients will admire, while it protects your assets in the future.
Legal Business Registration – The laws of the US for businesses are strictly implemented. If you were caught illegally operating a business then it would result to large penalties. Always prioritize the registration of your company and the submission of all the required documents that will give you license to do business in the US. It may be tempting to avoid taxes, but the IRS is one of the most efficient departments of the government and it would not take them long to spot your business’ non-payment of appropriate taxes. When this happens, it may mean the end of your business accompanied by several penalties that has to be paid.Before entering a business venture or establishing a business in the US, consult your move with Avvo.com. It is the cyber home of over 100,000 expert lawyers that offer free service to the public. Visit the site and read some of the questions posted by other businesspersons. Learn how to legally proceed with your business transactions through its list of legal tips and business legal advice. Do your company a favor. Save time and money and indulge with the wealth of legal information Avvo.com is willing to offer.